Whether we are working with a one off component, or dealing with a large batch enquiry, STN always approach all tasks with equal enthusiasm.

Prototype components can be realised through solid modelling in 3D. This can be acheived from either a 2D drawing or even a sketch to produce a pre-production component.

These designs can then be manufactured and / or saved and passed back to you the customer in many CAD formats for future use.

Large or small enquiries, STN always approach all tasks with equal enthusiasm

STN will always make every possible effort to meet our customers' requirements

Like you, we are well aware of the pressures of delivery in today’s marketplace, therefor STN always strives to respond to enquiries and customers’ requirements with the greatest of speed & importance.

STN recognise that, especially in the automotive sectors, our customers are often under pressure to maintain supplies. Indeed we often respond to customers needs during unsocial hours so that deadlines are not missed, as our existing clientele will vouch.

Providing excellent value for money
Ultimately of course, we recognise the importance of providing excellent value for money, hence you can be confident that STN will always tender extremely competitive rates.

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