Production Capacity

STN utilises Mastercam, an industry standard CAD solution.

This allows us to generate cutter paths for complex 3D machining in order to produce bespoke components and batch work.

Our brand new Bridgeport Hardinge 1000m Vertical Machine Centre gives us the ability to manufacture electrodes with speed and extremely competitively.

STN utilises Mastercam, an industry standard CAD solution

Electrodes can be manufacture in both copper and graphite for subsequent use either by ourselves,
on our own CNC Spark Eroder, or by our customers on their own machines.

Both of these machines are often employed to repair mould tools that have sustained damage or to modify tools as required by customers.

Plant List

Bridgeport 1000 BP3 VMC

Milling Capacity

1x Bridgeport 1000 BP3 VMC
Capacity: 1.0 meters x 0.6 meters x .45 meters

1x Hurco Ultimax CNC Milling Machine
Capacity: 0.8 meters x 0.3 meters x 0.3 meters

1x XYZ Pro 2000 Protrak Milling Machine

1x Ajax and Bridgeport Turret Miller

EDM Spark / Wire Erosion Capacity

1x Joemars CNC Spark Eroding Machine
Capacity: 1.8 meters x 1 meter x 0.45 meters

1x Baron Max ZNC Spark Eroding Machine
Capacity: .800 meters x 0.5 meters x .35 meters

1x Sparkatron Spark Erosion Machine
Capacity: 0.8 meters x 0.5 meters x 0.35 meters

1x Fanuc Wire Eroder

Joemars CNC Spark Eroding Machine

VMC650Bp3 Vertical Milling Center

Latest editions

STN sponsors a program of regular investment in equipment, continuously expanding our production capacity in order to always meet our customers requirements.

The latest edition to our toolshop is a VMC650Bp3 Vertical Milling Center

Capacity: .66 meters x .6 meters x 0.5 meters

Grinding Capacity

2x J&S 1400 Surface Grinders
(Digital readout and Optidress included)

1x J&S 540 Surface grinder with Optidress

1x Myford Cylindrical Grinder

Drilling Capacity

1x 4ft Radial Arm Drilling Machine

1x Pedestal Drilling Machine

Blocking up Capacity

1x Vernier Universal Milling Machine
Capacity: 1.1 meters x 0.4 meters

Design Packages

MasterCam Software Package

AutoCad Software Package

Bedding Press Capacity

1x Provostampi 50 Tonne Bedding Press
Platen size 1.2 meters x 1.2 meters

Transport & Lifting Capacity

Transport 1.6 tonne & 2 tonne Crane

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